Culinary Driven Healthy Snack Program creating wellbeing thru eating fresh fruits & veggies

Bause Catered Events provides local, fresh fruit and veggie snacks for the classroom. Our program includes education snack cards for the Teacher which highlight child friendly nutrition info, history and growing information. We deliver classroom portioned fresh snacks with plates, napkins and utensils, organized and consistently to your school.
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A Sampling of The Healthy Snack Program

Local Green Beans

“Presented with our fresh dill vinaigrette for dipping. “Raw Green Beans are rich in magnesium (giving you energy), rich in vitamin A (helps you fight infections) and helps increase feelings of fullness”.


“Kiwis have more vitamin C than an equivalent amount of orange.
Half a kiwi has 24 calories.”

Local Cherry Tomatoes

”Cherry Tomatoes often have a sweeter taste than full size tomatoes. Because of their vitamin A, cherry tomatoes maintain eye health and boost your immune system. Cherry tomatoes are believed to go as far back as Aztec Mexico in at least the 15th century.”

Local Harrow Pears

”Our bodies are made up of the nutrients in the food we choose to eat. This has a major impact on how we grow. Pears provide lots of vitamin C which helps build strong muscles, blood vessels, bones and our teeth. Pears have lots of fiber which helps to keep us satisfied longer.”

Cara Cara Oranges

”Cara Caras were discovered in 1976 on Venezuela and are available December thru May.  They are lower in acid and intensely sweet and are a cross between a navel and tangerine with a hint of berry. Cara Caras have lots of Vitamin C and A  keeping you healthy and your bones strong. “

Local Cauliflower

Cauliflower builds your immune system and reduces the length of colds. It contains vitamin b6 which helps brain development, manganese which boosts your metabolism and potassium which helps maintain your muscles, heart and kidneys”

Providing children opportunities to make better snack choices

Research has shown that children who eat a healthy diet perform better in the classroom. 

A new study published in the British Medical Journal found that increased consumption of fruit and vegetables positively influences mental well being.  According to the study, these benefits include positive mental well-being such as “optimism, happiness, self-esteem, resilience, agency autonomy, and good relationships with others.”

Effects of nutrients on brain function (2010):

Dietary patterns and academic performance (2017, Australian school-aged children):

Local grant funding is available for this program.

Bause Catering is a licensed numbered vendor with the state of Pennsylvania and a certified Women Owned Business.

It has been wonderful hearing a child say “Wow! I never thought I would like that. May I have more?

~ JL

This program is a fabulous method to expose children to many different types of fruits and vegetables. It makes a difference! Teacher modeling is important. They watch everything I eat.

~ EE

Very well done! The choices were well thought out and the packaging was very teacher/child friendly.

~ AS

Great program, regardless of the food,the kids really seem to enjoy the variety

~ KT

The healthy snack program is wonderful. Some of our students who would not try anything in the beginning and by the end they were enjoying tasting things like spinach, starfruit, broccoli,etc

~ AF

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