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Our menu changes weekly providing comfort foods with global influences. Our online store is open Thursday thru Monday noon.
Order by 9am Mondays for curbside pick up Fridays 2-3pm.

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At the end of the online order process, you may pay with credit card thru Stripe or cash or check at pick up. You will receive an automated email order confirmation after the order is placed. If you don’t receive the automated order confirmation, please email us so we don’t miss your order.

Use the “note” box on the payment confirmation page to write your sentiments to Pottstown Hospital Staff if you are donating a meal.

On Friday, we are outside our shop on the Oak Street side waiting for your pick up from 2-3pm. Please post your last name in your car window. If not using Stripe payment, have cash or check payments in an envelope (labeled with your last name) on your back seat or trunk. We will get your payment and replace it with your order. It is a good idea to have an empty box or crate in your trunk or seat for your order in so it doesn’t fall over on your way home. Most orders are on their way in less than a minute!

We feed your cravings!

Curbside Meals To Go ordering is also available by phone at 610.327.4555
Leave a message with your name, phone number, your order and payment method. We will confirm all orders.

“My wife and I have eaten your meals numerous times over the past decades but never as takeout. The curbside meals far exceeded anything we imagined. Many other meals, although good when eaten in a restaurant, are disappointing as takeout. Your meals, when heated, have the taste and consistency of freshly served meals.”


170 Oak St.
Pottstown, PA 19464



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